Help by Phone

Help by Phone
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A professional family coach can quickly put parents on a successful path

Your parenting approach must be very different when you care for a difficult child, teenager, or young adult, but it can work for you like it did for me and for hundreds of other parents I’ve worked with. As the parent of a mentally ill child who’s now an adult, I know yours is the hardest parenting job of all. If you’re ready to make progress quickly, complete your Story at the bottom of this page and I will contact you free of charge to discuss how we can work together.  If you have general questions, email me at:  Find out more about me and my personal and professional experience here.

“Rarely have I heard someone get to the heart of the matter so quickly, thoughtfully, and with such great insight.  Margaret has inspired me to be a better mother to my children.  Her ideas for how to cope with extreme behaviors have given me a new set of tools that I continually draw upon for the next event that may present itself. I now look at our situation with candor and the knowledge that I am not powerless.”   –Ann A

Get Started

1.   Tell me your Story

What do you need?  What’s going on with your child?  We can save much time on our first call if I know something about your situation ahead of time.  Complete your “Story” in the form at the end and click “submit.”

2.  Set up a meeting

I will contact you as soon as I receive your Story.  We can set up a time that’s convenient for you, including evenings and weekends.  I can also accommodate international calls.  If possible, I strongly encourage a couple and sibling(s) to be on the call.  It is not appropriate for me to speak directly with your child, however.  This is about you and your family.

3.  Payment

I prefer payment using PayPal.  When you are ready, you can go here and make a payment to this email,  We can make other arrangements if you cannot use PayPal.

“My son/grandson was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age 14.  Neither of us had any idea what to do.  Both the mental health and school systems were complex and difficult to navigate.  We felt desperate, pressured, lost.  Then we found Margaret.  Within a month, we had an IEP in place, were handling the mental health issues and reaching an understanding of how to cope.   Nothing will ever be the same again but we can cope with it.  We call Margaret a “lifeline” because for us she was exactly that.”
—Victoria C, mother, and Pauline N, grandmother


Single phone session – $125 for 90 minutes, which includes a follow-up calls when you need immediate help, and a written summary to help to you recall key points.  You will also receive a copy of my book “Raising Troubled Kids,” a guidebook reviewed by professional mental health providers.

Four phone sessions – $400 for one 90 minute and three 60 minute calls, which includes follow-up calls when you need immediate, and a written summary and copy of my book.  These sessions can take place over a 2 month period and help you refine your parenting and address challenges that arise when you start making changes: family relationships; health care; schools; safety concerns; siblings; and your own health and wellbeing.

Book review of “Raising Troubled Kids” from a psychologist:
“As both the parent of a teenager with a mood disorder and a professional working with other “troubled kids”, I wholeheartedly endorse this beautifully written and theoretically sound book. Parents of mentally ill children are often misunderstood, maligned, and misjudged. Ms. Puckette provides practical advice, encouragement and realistic, yet hopeful glimpses into the lives of those of us who walk this difficult path. In addition to owning a copy for my personal bookshelf, I am planning to buy multiple editions to use in my clinical practice!”  –Elizabeth H

What you can expect from me

  • Compassion and respect from someone who’s been there and understands;
  • Clear practical steps for creating a therapeutic home;
  • House rules that work, structure that works, and communication styles that work;
  • How to build a support network;
  • How to deal with:  schools, health care providers, relationship problems, judgment and stigma

“Despite years of therapy, alternative approaches, and interactions with healthcare professionals, my family was still wavering on whether or our daughter’s problem was serious, what should be done, or if anything even could be done.  Margaret’s wealth of knowledge and personal experience helped change our approach and perspective.  Her guidance with regard to pursuing information gathering, treatment options, and medication regimes has proven invaluable.  But what is more valuable, overall, is that she confirmed that there IS a problem.  Our daughter’s behavior isn’t merely bad coping skills or acting out – she has a serious mental illness that needs attention and care.”  –Marie D

Please read the Disclosure and Ethics document.

Thank you, and take good care of yourself.

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