Help by Phone

Help by Phone

A professional family coach can quickly put parents on a successful path.


Raising a troubled child or teen is completely different from how one raises a typical  child.  Natural parenting approaches do not work.  Commonsense things praise, incentives, disincentives, and fairness do not improve our child’s behavior.  As the mother of a mentally ill child, I had to completely rewrite the job description for parenting.  This is the hardest parenting job of all.  If your family is struggling and nothing is working, I can help you make breakthroughs with sound advice and  compassion. There are no easy answers, but you will feel very relieved after your first call.  

Start by telling me your Story in a form at the bottom of this page, and I will contact you free of charge to discuss how we can work together.  If you have general questions, email me at:  Read about my personal and professional experience here, and testimonials from clients.


Get Started

1.   Tell me your Story

Please take the time to complete your “Story” in the form at the end and click “submit.”  What do you need?  What’s going on with your child?  We can save much time on our first call if I know something about your situation ahead of time.  You may find that answering the questions will give you insights into your own strengths and those of your family and child.  I will contact you in advance for a free 30 minute conversation prior to any appointment to answer questions you may have and explain what you can expect.  You can decide if my services will work for you.

2.  Set up a meeting

I will contact you as soon as I receive your Story.  We can set up a time that’s convenient for you to speak about the detail ahead of time, including evenings and weekends.  I can also accommodate international calls.  If possible, I strongly encourage a couple and sibling(s) to be on the call.  It is not appropriate for me to speak directly with your child, however.  This is about you and your family.

3.  Payment

I prefer payment using PayPal.  When you are ready, you can go here and make a payment to this email,  We can make other arrangements if you cannot use PayPal.


Single phone session – $125 for a 90 minute session, which includes follow-up calls when you need immediate help, and a written summary to help to you recall key points.  You will also receive a copy of my book “Raising Troubled Kids,” a guidebook that has been reviewed by professional mental health providers.

We will  also talk about self-care and supporting other family members;
safety concerns; siblings; and your own health and wellbeing.

Three phone sessions – $350 for three 90 minute sessions.  Be prepared to work!  I will assist you with difficult steps that you, your family, and your troubled child must take to get the best long-term prognosis.  You can receive follow-up calls any time when you need immediate help or support, and a written summary of each contact and copy of the book, “Raising Troubled Kids“.  The sessions can take place weekly depending on your schedule, and will address issues that come up once you start implementing real change and regaining your authority.

What you can expect from me

  • Belief in you without judgement
  • Respect and compassion from someone who’s been there and understands;
  • Clear practical steps for reducing your child’s negative symptoms;
  • Techniques for creating a therapeutic home for the entire family (teamwork, values);
  • House rules that work, structure that works, and communication styles that work;
  • Support for all family members; self-care, ‘mental health’ breaks, fun stuff
  • Working with: schools, health care providers, relationships, or judgmental people

Please read the Disclosure and Ethics document.

If you wish to set up an appointment ASAP, please pay via PayPal in advance, thank you.

Your Story

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Your Story

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You Can Handle This.

You Can Handle This.

You are not alone. It's no one's fault. Behavior disorders are disabilities! Troubled children need a very different parenting approach than 'normal' kids.

Care for yourself first, then set new goals:
1. Physical and emotional safety for all
2. Acceptance of the way things are
3. Family balance, meet the needs of all
4. One step at a time, one day at a time

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