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Q:  Is my child’s disorder permanent?
A:  If your child has a diagnosed brain disorder, and their behavior is not caused by another medical problem, it may last a few years to a lifetime. It is likely that, with treatment, most symptoms can be reduced or removed.

Q:  Can it ever be healed or cured?
A:   It can be improved.  Symptoms can often be removed or minimized with a variety of life changes in combination with therapy and medication.  A few people have been known to show no symptoms from stopping medications after being on them for many years–10 years or more.  Effective treatment is much more than medication. A person also needs emotional and social support; zero substance abuse; enough sleep and exercise; healthy gut microbes, and a brain-healthy diet that may include extra nutrients like Vitamin D.  Naturopathic medicine offers dietary recommendations and other treatments that support treatment with medication and therapy.  Mindfulness training and yoga are also very beneficial.

Q:  Do any other conditions cause mental disorders or behavior problems?
A:  Yes, many things can cause behavioral disorders:  medical conditions arising from thyroid problems to brain tumors to seizures; genetic inheritance; brain injuries; emotional trauma such as child abuse or chronic bullying; illicit drug use; and infections in the brain that may be viral, bacterial, or parasitic… to name a few.  All of these conditions should be considered before settling on a mental health diagnosis.

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