Raising troubled kids is the hardest parenting job of them all.


This will change your life forever. You’ll be a stronger, wiser person who knows what matters in life. You’ll never again waste time worrying about little things. You’ll be an extraordinary parent, and reap the rewards of a child’s recovery.

This website is dedicated to helping parents and caregivers of children, teens, and young adults with a mental disorder or other serious behavioral problem.

I created it to help parents face their tough job effectively.  I wish I had this advice when my child became ill.

My experience showed me that parents were not getting frank and practical information from professionals or others we trusted.  Most of them never lived with a troubled child.

It took 20 years of committed study and involvement with 100’s of parents to gather the facts and wisdom that truly helps parents, regardless of their child’s behavioral problems.

The Quick Answers page sums up the absolute basics parents need.

Search the blog for on-point articles on common issues and different diagnoses. Readers’ comments are especially valuable.

Get personal guidance and coaching, or read a well-researched book with practical information on how to turn things around.

Margaret Puckette is a Certified Parent Support Provider and coach, who helps parents raising a troubled child, teen, or young adult. She is a parent who understands the need for a new approach to home life, and offers realistic guidance for improving behavior and reducing family stress.